Spring Into Gear: Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Car

March 27th, 2024 by

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home – it’s also the perfect time to give your car some much needed attention. After enduring the harsh New England winter weather, your car could use some extra care both inside and out. Follow these tips to revitalize your ride and start the season fresh.


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Wash Away Winter Grime

After enduring the harsh conditions of winter, your car’s exterior is likely in need of some attention. Using a gentle car wash and soft sponge can help wash away grime without scratching the paint. It is also important to pay extra attention to the wheels and undercarriage, where salt buildup can cause corrosion. While a DIY approach can certainly make a difference, sometimes your vehicle needs a deeper level of care. For those hard to scrub surfaces, consider a professional exterior detail service at Executive Chevrolet.

Quality Care For a Sparkling Interior

The interior of your vehicle could also use a good clean, after tracking in dirt and grime throughout the winter. Give your car’s interior a deep clean to rid of any salt stains, dirt, and other debris. Schedule a detailing service with a professional at Executive Chevrolet to make your car feel like new as we enter the new season. Expert detailers provide quality results, and take the stress off your hands.

Schedule Your Seasonal Maintenance Check

It is important to take care of your vehicle inside and out, and a new season is a great time to get a maintenance check. Have your oil changed, check your fluid levels, and inspect your tires for wear and proper inflation. Consider having your brakes inspected and serviced, if needed, as well as checking your battery and electrical system for any signs of wear or corrosion. Allow us to take care of your vehicle by scheduling a multi-point inspection at Executive Chevrolet. A little preventative maintenance now can save you from costly repairs later on.

Start the spring season right by visiting Executive Chevrolet for a detail service and maintenance checkup. At Executive Chevrolet, we strive to provide superior service to our customers. Schedule your appointment today!

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