Powering the Future by Going All-Electric at Executive Chevrolet

May 2nd, 2022 by

Chevy USA just announced they are electrifying Chevrolet one vehicle at a time. They are showing the world how simple and smart it is to own an electric vehicle, but this is only the beginning. They are now on the road to make a more meaningful impact towards a zero-emission future. Through designing, engineering, and producing top quality electric cars, they are gaining that competitive edge in software, batteries, manufacturing, and most importantly, customer experience. 


Here is a sneak peek into the Executive Chevrolet all-electric line, featuring the Silverado EV, All-Electric Equinox, and the All-Electric Chevrolet Blazer:


Silverado EV

The reputation of the Silverado just took a step up by going all-electric. With advanced power, smooth flexibility, and commanding force, the Silverado EV is built like no other. Available in the Fall of 2023! 


All-Electric Equinox

The top-selling SUV is now going all-electric with features of sleek designs and walk up lighting inviting you to take on new roads and sights. The LT availability will be announced at a later date while the RS has been available since Fall of 2021. 


All-Electric Chevrolet Blazer

Available in Spring of 2023, this all-electric midsize SUV will have a power-boosting SS trim for all the adventures ahead. 


Executive Chevrolet is joining in on the fun of electrifying their cars one by one, so hop in the passenger seat for all the innovations, announcements, and reveals as Executive Chevrolet has some of the most exciting and advanced vehicles in history. 


Reserve your Silverado EV with Executive Chevrolet here!

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