What are OEM Chevy Parts?

When it’s time to replace a part in your Chevy – or perhaps add an accessory – you have to be careful about anything new your put in your car. Here we discuss the different types of Chevy parts and why OEM components are superior:

OEM Parts, Defined

When you see that “OEM” before apart, you know it’s a genuine component. That stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” which means that it was designed and built by a carmaker. When a Chevy Silverado 1500, for example, comes out of the factory, it only contains OEM parts.

The Benefits of OEM Parts

Because OEM parts are made by car companies, they offer several advantages. First, they are comprised of the highest quality materials. The result of this is that these components are durable and offer the best performance. They are also meant for specific makes and models. In addition, OEM parts come with warranties, so if there is a problem, drivers can typically get a replacement with little trouble.

The Alternative to OEM Parts

OEM parts aren’t your only option if you need a part. Let’s say that your Chevy Tahoe needs a new rotor. While you can certainly go with an OEM rotor, there is another choice: an aftermarket part. Not made by car companies, instead, these come from independent auto parts businesses. And while they may look similar to their OEM counterparts, they are different.

First, they are usually less expensive. That may sound great, but there’s a reason for this: They are made with cheaper materials. This means that aftermarket parts tend to wear out faster. They are also designed for usage in a variety of different types of vehicles. As a result, the fit isn’t always so precise, which often has a negative effect on performance. And if they do come with a warranty, it’s usually very limited.

Executive Chevrolet Only Uses OEM Parts

If your vehicle needs apart, you can be sure that if you order it through Executive Chevrolet, it will be a genuine component. And if you’ll need it to be installed, the service department at our Wallingford Chevy dealership will make sure it’s done right the first time. Get in touch for ordering information or to schedule an installation.