What is Tire Rotation?

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What does tire rotation do for your car? What is tire rotation to you? Our expert tire center team at Executive Chevrolet is here to explain it all. Rotating your tires evenly distributes wear and tear caused from friction. What does tire rotation do? Rotating your tires ensures each tire hits the driving surface at multiple angles across its lifetime.

What Does Rotating Tires Mean?

Putting the right set of tires on your car is as important as keeping up with their maintenance. Tire rotation means swapping a tire’s location on a vehicle to prevent excess wear in any one spot. When your tires are rotated, the rear set is often moved to the front, swapping tires from one side of the vehicle to another.

  • Car front tires typically deteriorate more quickly than rear tires.
  • The speed at which each tire ages depends on your car’s drivetrain.
  • The front tires of a front-wheel-drive car will degrade more quickly than the rear tires.
  • The rear tires of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle experience greater wear.
  • Regardless of your drivetrain, tire rotation makes sure that the front and rear tires experience equal wear and tear.

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

  • Maintains Traction: The tread depth of tires gets thinner with time. There are times when driving becomes difficult due to decreased traction brought on by a loss of tread depth. To ensure all tires have the same tread depth, uneven tire wear must be avoided.
  • Stops Blowouts: Tires become less durable and more prone to failure over time. You know how unpleasant and potentially dangerous it can be if you have ever had a blowout while driving in North Haven.
  • Improves Performance: The vibration from worn-out tires can eventually be felt through the steering wheel.
  • Increased Efficiency: Worn tires increase fuel consumption, strain on the engine, and drag.

What does rotating tires do for you? When you have your tires rotated in our service center, each tire in a set wears uniformly across all terrain, preventing uneven wear as the tire contacts the road.

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You searched for “What is tire rotation?” and “What does tire rotation do?” Now, you’re almost an expert. Now, it’s time to answer how often tires should be rotated. Generally speaking, rotating your tires should be done every 5,000 to 8,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first. Always refer to your owner’s manual for details specific to your model. Your satisfaction is our top priority at our North Haven tire shop. To make maintaining tires affordable, we provide a variety of service specials that change frequently.


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