What Are The Benefits of OEM Chevy Parts?

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You might be curious about what Chevrolet OEM parts are available around Wallingford and the benefits to using Chevy parts vs. aftermarket parts for your Chevrolet. Well, Executive Chevrolet, we are here to help you learn and compare Chevrolet parts to aftermarket parts to determine which is more reliable and better for your vehicle. Read on below to learn more about Chevrolet OEM parts then explore our parts center online. 



What Are Aftermarket Parts? 

Any car manufacturer that you’ll find in North Haven or near Cheshire similar to Chevrolet, does not produce or sell aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are any auto parts that are manufactured by a third party or a company outside of Chevy. While aftermarket auto parts are widely available due to being built and sold at high volumes, they’re not designed specifically for any new or pre-owned Chevy vehicle. 

While Chevrolet OEM parts are more expensive than aftermarket parts, they are more reliable which is why our service team recommends shopping Chevy parts instead of aftermarket parts. These third party parts may help you save in the moment, but as time goes on, the Chevrolet parts quality does not compare and will last you much longer. 

Chevrolet OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Not sure whether you should choose Chevy parts or aftermarket parts? Not only will you experience better performance and quality from Chevrolet parts during your daily Meriden commute, here are a few more benefits of OEM Chevy parts: 

  • Better Selection: Regardless of whether you need a special performance part or a simple replacement, you will get the correct part that is made for your specific vehicle at an affordable price. 
  • Warranty Coverage: Any Chevrolet OEM part is covered with a Limited Parts Warranty. Aftermarket parts can be a liability down the road if it is proven that the part has caused damage to your vehicle which can jeopardize your warranty usage. 

Shop Chevrolet Parts Near Cheshire

Now that you know the benefits to Chevrolet parts, contact us at Executive Chevrolet for our Chevy parts special as they differ throughout the year! Do not hesitate to reach out with questions on what parts or accessories you might need to fix or upgrade your Chevrolet.


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