Everything You Want to Know About Wheel Alignments 

wheel alignment

As Chevrolet dealers in CT for so long, we can tell you that your vehicle will need routine maintenance throughout its lifetime. Oil changes, brake inspections, and tire rotations are some of the services your car will need most often. You’ll also need to bring your automobile to our location for Chevrolet service to have your wheels aligned at least once per year.

An Explanation of Wheel Alignment Service

If you contact our Chevy dealership near Middletown, CT to inquire about wheel alignment service, we’ll tell you that this type of service is also referred to as a tire alignment. The point of a wheel or tire alignment is to make sure your tires maintain contact with the road at specific angles, point straight ahead, and are centered within your car’s wheel wells.

Despite its name, a wheel alignment doesn’t require our technicians to work on your wheels. Instead, our team will make adjustments to your vehicle’s suspension to change the angles at which your tires connect with the roadway.

Drivers who bring their automobiles to Executive Chevrolet for a wheel alignment enjoy a smooth ride and a more pleasant driving experience after the service is done. Having this service performed at our Chevy dealership will make your vehicle more fuel-efficient and it will help to extend the working life of your tires.

Signs That Signal It’s Time for a Wheel Alignment

Various factors may cause your automobile to need a wheel alignment. For example, accumulating miles on the odometer and the mere passage of time may make this service a necessity. Even the latest Chevy models may require a tire alignment if any of the following occurs:

  • You’re involved in an accident
  • You had new or seasonal tires installed
  • You’ve changed the height of your car’s suspension
  • You drove through or over a pothole or speedbump too hard
  • Your car made unfortunate contact with an obstacle like a trash can or curb

Putting off a wheel alignment can put undue stress on other components, so don’t delay this critical service. Check out our rotating Chevy service and parts specials before you visit Executive Chevrolet for a tire alignment or any other type of Chevrolet service.