Chevy Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is your first car or your fifth, you may wonder about the specifics of Chevrolet engine service. Here at Executive Chevrolet, we understand that your car needs the best service possible and we are here to help you through the process. Today, we’ll help you learn about the basics of Chevrolet Service, so you are prepared for when your car needs it.

How Often Do I Need to Check Fluid Levels?

Your car has multiple kinds of fluid levels that must be checked and replenished on a regular basis. The fluids in your car include transmission fluid, brake fluid, and window-washer fluid.

Transmission fluid helps cool your transmission and keep it lubricated. It needs to be checked about every 100,000 miles. Brake fluid should be changed every few years and window washing fluid needs replacement whenever it runs out, which varies depending on how often you use it.

What is Tire Rotation and Why Do I Need it?

Tire rotation is key to extending the life of your Chevy vehicle’s tires. During this process, your tires will be rotated to assist in spreading the wear evenly across them, improving your tread. Tire rotation should be done every 5,000 miles.

When Do I Need an Oil Change?

Your Chevy oil change should be done every 5,000 miles. Oil changes help to protect your vehicle against corrosion and wear and tear while also increasing the lifespan of your Chevy’s engine.

Oil changes are crucial to optimal performance, so be sure to stay on top of regular oil changes.

My Check Engine Light is On. What Should I Do?

If you notice your check engine light is on, it is best to get it looked at by a Chevy service professional like those at our service center.

Your check engine light could be on for a variety of reasons, so an experienced technician will help to identify and correct the issue. Some reasons your check engine light is on could include.

  • Failing engine components
  • Loose gas cap
  • Failed sensor, wiring, or connector

How Do I Schedule Chevrolet Service?

When you are ready to get your service appointment on the calendar, you can schedule Chevy service online with our online portal. Our service team here at our Chevy dealership in Wallingford, CT is ready to get your vehicle running as it should.